Ukrainian Evangelicals Send Letter to Speaker johnson

On March 26th, Ukrainian Evangelicals from a wide variety of denominations came together to offer Speaker Mike Johnson their collective testimony of Russian atrocities committed against them and their fellow Christians. Their eyewitness accounts prove that the prevailing narrative in many American Evangelical circles today regarding Russia’s attack on Ukraine is a falsehood spread by the Kremlin. Vladimir Putin is not a defender of conservative Christian values. He is a totalitarian dictator who sees freedom in Christ as a threat to his power.

Vladimir Putin’s forces are destroying Ukrainian Christian churches, threatening the faithful, and arresting Evangelical pastors. The mounting evidence of these modern martyrs getting bound and gagged, dragged off in the middle of the night, tortured, and killed for their faith is impossible to ignore.

Ukraine is the Bible Belt of Eastern Europe, and its Evangelicals have established thousands of churches, seminaries, and Bible schools. They have trained missionaries to spread the gospel all over the world, and Christian summer camps for young people can be found in virtually every part of Ukraine. Vladimir Putin is using the Russian Armed Forces to put a stop to all that, to ensure that his state-controlled Russian Orthodox Church will be the only church in existence.

Ukrainian Evangelicals are fighting for their lives against Russia while they fight the same cultural battles we fight against the malign influence of progressive, secular culture and government overreach. We cannot allow ourselves to be tricked into indifference. Ukrainian evangelicals need our collective prayers and our assistance if they’re to survive this dark chapter in world history.

Read the full letter here.