Our mission is to defend the right to peacefully practice Christianity in one’s chosen house of worship and to advocate for the defense of religious freedom from Russian aggression in Ukraine.

Institutional Reports:

Individuals Captured/Arrested/Murdered:

  • Over the past two years, Russian troops have killed thirty Ukrainian clerics and imprisoned twenty-six – IRFBA, February 25, 2024, By The All-Ukrainian Cathedral
  • War stories. “I was put in a well”: the story of a minister of a Christian center who survived being captured by the occupiers, November 26, 2023, By The All-Ukrainian Cathedral
  • Vancouver man on a mission in Ukraine, December 11, 2022, By Scott Hewitt (The Columbian)
  • How are Baptists persecuted in the occupied territories?, November 4, 2022, By The All-Ukrainian Cathedral
  • In the occupied territories, churches are closed and pastors are arrested, October 13, 2022, By The All-Ukrainian Cathedral
  • In Bogorodychny, the Russians left behind a ransacked church and mountains of corpses, September 13, 2022, By The All-Ukrainian Cathedral
  • US citizen Dmitry Bodya, who was a pastor in Melitopol, was captured and has not been contacted for over a week, March 25, 2022, By The All-Ukrainian Cathedral
  • A Ukrainian murder mystery ensnares a church in former rebel stronghold, August 12, 2014, By Scott Peterson (The Christian Science Monitor)

Buildings destroyed/banned: