Gary Marx and Timothy Head write joint op-ed on why US Evangelicals should support Ukraine

On May 15th, Gary Marx and Timothy Head, Executive Director of Faith & Freedom Coalition, penned an op-ed in The Christian Post. The piece discussed why U.S. Evangelicals who are historically staunch supporters on aid for Israel in times of crisis, regardless of concerns with spending, should also support Ukraine.

Gary and Timothy highlight the growing “axis of evil” of Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, and Hamas, that is attempting to challenge the “allies of good” the U.S., Israel, Japan, Taiwan, Ukraine, and other Western Europe nations.

Tyrants always persecute the followers of any religions they cannot control, and Vladimir Putin is persecuting Evangelicals for the same reason — he perceives religious pluralism to be a threat to his totalitarian power.

Today, the dividing line between good and evil in our world is very clear: on the one side, Hamas, the Taliban, Russia, North Korea, China, and Iran; on the other side, the U.S., Israel, Japan, Taiwan, Ukraine, and the countries of Western Europe. As American Evangelicals, we cannot allow ourselves to be tricked into indifference or distracted by politics when moral imperatives arise.

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