Our mission is to defend the right to peacefully practice Christianity in one’s chosen house of worship and to advocate for the defense of religious freedom from Russian aggression in Ukraine.

The Russian Federation is waging a war against Christians.

  • In Russia, freedom of religion does not exist.
  • Russia is ranked one of the most difficult places in the world to be Christian.
  • “Anti-terror” laws ban Christians from sharing their faith publicly and from discussing their faith outside of churches.  Promoting your faith as an evangelical leader leads to years in prison and steep fines.   
  • Russian security regularly threaten to remove children from homes of Christians. 

In Russian-occupied territories, people of faith are systematically persecuted.

In Ukraine, Russian forces are targeting Christians, and destroying houses of worship.

  • In Ukraine, at least 640 religious sites have been damaged, destroyed, seized or looted by the Russian Federation. 
  • Pastors and chaplains are murdered in cold blood.  Russian soldiers have been ordered to kill Christian pastors not part of the Christian Orthodox Church.
  • Russian soldiers violently attack people of faith, damage their internal organs, knock out their teeth, and gouge their skin so deep that bones show.   
  • The systematic persecution of the faithful has been likened to “cultural genocide.”

Evangelicals are disproportionately targeted by Russian forces.

  • Evangelicals are a minority in Ukraine yet are disproportionately targeted.  One-third of the religious sites damaged or destroyed by Russian forces are evangelical.
  • Street gatherings are banned, public evangelism is impossible, literature cannot be distributed.
  • The Russian occupation has been described as a threat to the very existence of evangelical “freedom, identity, values and culture.” 

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