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Our mission is to defend the right to peacefully practice Christianity in one’s chosen house of worship and to advocate for the defense of religious freedom from Russian aggression in Ukraine.

Russia’s march to eliminate religious freedom has reached Ukraine.

At least 640 houses of worship have been damaged or destroyed by Russian invaders. In Russian occupied territories, not a single Evangelical Christian church remains open, and believers are banned from worshiping.

Russian forces are destroying Bibles and arresting and torturing pastors and priests. Many have disappeared, with no accounting of their whereabouts. 

We must act now. As Christians, we are all members of God’s Kingdom, united through Christ. Ukraine is the Bible Belt of Eastern Europe, with more than a thousand-year Christian history and an 85% Christian population.

Christians must not watch passively while our brothers and sisters in Ukraine are being harassed, intimidated, persecuted, imprisoned, tortured, and murdered simply for practicing their faith. We must stand up to protect and defend them – through prayer, by contributing our own resources, and by urging our elected officials to support Christians in Ukraine in its fight for survival against Russian persecution.  

“When One Of Us Suffers, We All Suffer Together”
(1 Corinthians 12:26)

Defenders of Faith and Religious Freedom in Ukraine was established to shine a spotlight on the persecution of Christians in Ukraine, and to advocate for continued U.S. support to secure Ukrainian independence and with that religious freedom.

  • We will educate the American public regarding ongoing mistreatment and persecution of Christians by Russian Federation forces occupying Ukraine.
  • We will call on our Christian brothers and sisters to stand with us in urging the US Government to continue to stand against Russian aggression in Ukraine and to oppose Russia’s persecution of the Ukrainian Christians.
  • We call on Congress to provide the necessary financial and military support to Ukraine so that it can defend itself.

Gary Marx – President

Gary Marx is President of Madison Strategies and the Concord Fund and currently serves as a Senior Advisor to the Judicial Crisis Network. He launched Madison Strategies in 2013 after serving almost three years at the helm of the Faith & Freedom Coalition as Executive Director.

His career path has included high level postings as Senior Advisor to Scott Walker for President, Marco Rubio for President, Conservative Coalitions Director at the Bush-Cheney 2004 national campaign headquarters where he spearheaded outreach to social conservatives & people of faith.

Gary is a media veteran and has done hundreds of television, print, and radio interviews including CNN, CBN, CSPAN and FOX NEWS. He has also been a featured speaker for prominent organizations such as The Federalist Society, International Republican Institute, The Leadership Institute, Hanns Seidel Foundation, AIPAC and The Council for National Policy.

Marx has a degree in Political Science from James Madison University. Gary holds a Master’s degree in Political Management from Regent University. He is married to Aimee and is the father of three children.

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